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 Couple marry 50 years after getting engaged
Couple marry 50 years after getting engaged
A couple have married more than 50 years after getting engaged as childhood sweethearts. picked by AutumnLotus 8 months ago
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8 months ago
That's so romantic. She waited for him all those years.
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8 months ago
My father's first cousin was named George Reeves (not the one who played Superman). He and his girlfriend Nancy were both the youngest children in their families, and each was charged with the care of their surviving parent. George's mother wouldn't live with Nancy's mother, and vice versa. They started dating in their early twenties.

She was a schoolteacher, and he raised cattle on the farm where he was born. They finally married when they were in their 50's, and she moved to George's farm. They lived together happily for 30 years.

Nancy suffered several debilitating strokes and ended up in a nursing home, where George doted on her every need. George moved into a small apartment just down the road from Nancy because he couldn't drive anymore. He went to see her every day, and spent their life savings on round the clock care, but lived a pauper himself.

She died when George was 98. He lived on his own for six more years, and died at 105.

People would often ask him what the secret was to their long-lasting love. He would say, "We didn't have any little brats to distract us."

Rest in peace, George and Nancy.
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