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 The 49 Year Old Virgin
The 49 Year Old Virgin
We haven't made love in 9 years. 9 years. We haven't made love. Or f**ked, or boinked, or screwed, or bumped uglies (I hate that one), or schtupped, or covered each other's bodies in
hershey's syrup and licked our initials into each other, or had any real romantic connection at all. I understand why. She knows. She tries to get interested. She loves me, and I love her, but it's
not romantic love, it's more like brother-sister love (not that kind, pervert), or good friends love. picked by bornbad 2 years ago
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2 years ago
That is just depressing.
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2 years ago
It amazes me. Great posting.
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2 years ago
The Felix character wrecked this whole thing for me.
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2 years ago
So he's technically not a virgin, but he's saying he is? I'm confused
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2 years ago
Well, they say that enough skin flakes off and regenerates in seven years to make a whole new body of skin. So, yeah, I guess his skin is a "virgin," but he's really not. Make sense?
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