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 Painting with breasts
Painting with breasts
King came up with the idea of having women paint their breasts, take a sheet of muslin cloth and press it to their chest to leave their -- ahem -- mark.

*a real bunch of boobs* picked by Bornbad 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

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2 years ago
What? No Images?

That story is worthless without photos...
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2 years ago
« keroberos32 : What? No Images?

That story is worthless without photos...
Insert your own.
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2 years ago
like twin roes

Anyone else read the comments?

Good heavens.
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2 years ago
*looks for paint*
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2 years ago
« suebe:*looks for paint*
*Waits for email photo*
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2 years ago
"natural healing and energy" .... "accepting their bodies" .... "connected in a spiritual way" .... good grief, what a bunch of nonsense.

Body painting is fun, but this sounds like the project of a blissninny who wants to torture every experience into something 'spiritual'.

A soldier "felt a very strong connection to her" just because she gave him a boob-painted flag? How naive can you get?

Then again, she may just have come up with an entirely new way to play Twister.
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