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 Ratko Mladic caught.
Ratko Mladic caught.
Europe's most sought-after war crimes suspect has been arrested in Serbia. Ex-General Ratko Mladic is accused of having orchestrated the Srebrenica massacre in which 8,000 people died. EU officials expect him to be extradited to The Hague to stand trial. picked by DoggySpew 6 months ago
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6 months ago
2011 keeps getting better.

(Little help with themepic please?)
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6 months ago
« DoggySpew : 
(Little help with themepic please?)
Got you covered.
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6 months ago
I wonder if he is really the guy or just one of his fans willing to sacrifice himself for his fearless leader.
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6 months ago
Well, all the official sources and media here in Serbia seem convinced that this is the real deal and coverage of the arrest has been going on non stop on all TV stations. That being said, no pictures or video of the arrest or the guy himself have been released yet.

This is the only video of Mladic released so far, showing him being taken to a hearing. They say he is in very poor health.

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