Living With Breasts That Can Be Seen From Orbit Posted: 5 months ago by Bornbad
I was consistently mistaken for old enough to drink — and occasionally asked out by older dudes who had no idea how creepy they were actually being — from age fourteen on. By my junior year of high school, I was wearing a 36DD. And they just kept getting bigger.
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Man gets trespassing notice for telling deli clerk he likes large (chicken) breasts Posted: 1 year ago by cecilberman
Al Stults Jr. swears that when he told a Safeway deli clerk that he likes large breasts, he was talking about chicken breasts -- not anything attached to her. Which explains why he's so upset about receiving a trespassing notice from the Lakewood Police Department banning him from the supermarket for one year for his remarks.
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NJ Woman Gets Her High School Diploma At Age 90 Posted: 3 years ago by suebe
Estelle Manorek, 90, attended a day of classes at West Caldwell High School in West Caldwell, NJ. Manorek "grew up the child of Polish immigrants in Jersey City during the Depression" and never attended high school because she went to work at age 14 after her brother contracted polio.
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Busty British tourist barred from casino because of her 'offensive' breasts Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
A British tourist has been barred from a casino in New Zealand for upsetting fellow punters with her 'offensive' breasts. Thirty-three year old Helen Simpson from Nottingham, was wearing a low-cut black evening dress when a woman staff member at the Christchurch Casino told her to cover up or leave.
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Painting with breasts Posted: 2 years ago by Bornbad
King came up with the idea of having women paint their breasts, take a sheet of muslin cloth and press it to their chest to leave their -- ahem -- mark.

*a real bunch of boobs*
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Priority Should Be On High School, Not Preschool Posted: 5 years ago by GKar975
Does anyone really believe universal, publicly funded preschool will help improve high school test scores? Yet this is what the South Dakota Department of Education seems to be touting. Perhaps it is time to evaluate what is happening in our high schools instead of funding two or more years of public management of preschool-age children with the outside hope that their test scores and social lives at age 16 will be enhanced.
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130,000 inflatable breasts lost at sea Posted: 3 years ago by DAVEthefish
A magazine has asked beachcombers to keep a sharp eye out for inflatable breasts after 130,000 went missing en route to Sydney.
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Breathalyzer Tests Mandatory At NJ High School Posted: 4 years ago by 2manyusernames
A NJ high school, Pequannock High, now mandates getting checked for alcohol at dances and other social events
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The Wine Rack Posted: 4 years ago by MuppetmakeR
For the woman who wants fuller breasts, while at the same time, being fully hydrated.
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