How a man flirted his way into a lifetime ban from Delta Airlines Posted: 5 months ago by suebe
Last Friday, after a day of delays and five Jack-and-Cokes, one Bryan Sisco boarded the Delta flight from Dallas to Atlanta at 9:45. Sisco said he just decided to sit down in a random seat. When Danielle Valimont, 23, happened to sit next to him, the recently divorced Sisco decided to flirt with her, offering her chocolate, and telling her he was an architect and a flight marshal. His seatmate -- One cool woman.
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9 Muslim passengers kicked off U.S. flight over remark Posted: 3 years ago by muppet
"The FBI agents actually cleared our names," Inayet Sahin, one of the family members kicked off the flight, told CNN. "They went on our behalf and spoke to the airlines and said, 'There is no suspicious activity here. They are clear. Please let them get on a flight so they can go on their vacation,' and they still refused."
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Delta safety video a huge hit on YouTube thanks to saucy flight attendant Posted: 4 years ago by moe
300,000 views on YouTube before Delta even starts using it on flights! How long before she gets an offer from some certain magazine(s)? Direct link to the video here
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Man Covered in His Own Poop Beats the Crap Out of Flight Attendant Posted: 3 years ago by suebe
Halfway during the flight, a middle aged man left the lavatory covered in his own fecal matter.

At that point the flight attendant tried to move passengers away from him and ordered the man to clean himself.
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Hole in Cabin Grounds Flight Posted: 7 months ago by Bornbad
A terrifying mid-flight ordeal ended safely on Friday after a hole opened up in the cabin of a Southwest Airlines flight from Phoenix to Sacramento. Those onboard reportedly heard something like a gunshot, and then noticed a panel missing as the plane began descending rapidly.
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Fight or Flight? Posted: 4 years ago by ogri2003
Did you ever wonder about your own "fight or flight" response? Here's is a young man discovering that his response is most definitely "fight." How would your primitive brain respond?
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Passengers fume as sleepy crew delays flight Posted: 5 years ago by AutumnLotus
Passengers on a British Airways flight from New Delhi to London faced a 13-hour delay as the pilot felt he was too sleepy after a noisy night in a New Delhi hotel.
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Man Accused Of Fondling Girl On Flight Posted: 4 years ago by muppet
A Pearl Harbor-based sailor was arrested on suspicion of molesting a 13-year-old girl on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Hawaii to Arizona.
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Pilots Mark 100 Years Since First International Flight Posted: 2 years ago by Bingo
On July 25, 1909, Frenchman Louis Bleriot flew from Calais to Dover. His success is credited with turning flight from an eccentric pastime into a serious pursuit.

Hundreds of pilots in modern and antique airplanes are crossing the English Channel today to mark 100 years since the first over-water, international airplane flight.
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New Zealand company offers lifetime of beer for stolen laptop Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
A boutique brewery in New Zealand was reported Thursday to be offering a lifetime supply of beer in return for a stolen laptop.
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Man urinates on woman during flight Posted: 3 years ago by muppet
A 28-year-old man has been sentenced to three weeks in jail for urinating on a 66-year-old woman during a Continental Airlines flight last month from Los Angeles to Honolulu.
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French team’s flight home “a disgrace” Posted: 1 year ago by dp2000
PARIS. The French football team’s flight back to Paris yesterday was marked by “several incidents of insubordination and a shocking lack of professionalism,” insiders on the coaching staff reported, adding: “that’s the last time we fly SAA economy”. Coach Raymond Domenech, meanwhile, spent the flight sulking in the toilet after refusing to sit next to a passenger who he claimed had called his momma fat back in 1983.
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Passengers Forced to Stand on Five Hour Flight Posted: 1 year ago by suebe
Six passengers on a Russian airline were forced to stand in the aisles for their entire flight after the wrong airplane—one with too few seats—showed up at the airport.
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3-hour rule becomes a reality Posted: 1 year ago by midnightbliss10
DOT-imposed rules that could result in stiff penalties against airlines that hold passengers on tarmacs for three hours or more will likely result in more flight cancellations.
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Key to Eliminating U.S. Flight Delays? Posted: 3 years ago by suebe
Redesign the sky over New York City.

We are running out of air space as air traffic continues to increase (causing even more delays). Currently it all "squeezes through a network of aerial routes first laid out for the mail planes of the 1920s."
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Move Over Canada Geese! Posted: 2 years ago by suebe
Turtles invaded JFK Airport today, closing a runway and causing 1 1/2 hour flight delays.
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2007 Round-The-World Flight Simulator Race Posted: 5 years ago by dfelteau
Flight Simulator geeks are flying around the world in the 2007 Round-The-World Flight Simulator Race. The race pits teams from AVSim, FlightSim and Sim-Outhouse against each other in a race around the world with special rules, conditions and bonuses.

All teams were given the rules 24 hours in advance of the start of the race (10a EST on Friday). The rules include route requirements (such as two airports about 3000m above sea level and two airports below sea level), bonus airports and various rules such as if a plane crashes and which planes could be used in the race.
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Free Chocolate Fridays! Posted: 2 years ago by bingo
The candy company, Mars, has decided to help out America by offering their own relief, "sweet relief," that is. They have decided to start giving out over seven million full-sized candy bars! Every Friday, Mars is giving out 250,000 coupons for your pleasure. Hopefully, you'll be lucky enough to get a free candy bar!
Coupon HERE
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