Canadian court bans anonymous sperm and egg donation Posted: 5 months ago by 2manyusernames
Canada has given those born of donor sperm and eggs the right to know who their parents were at the cost of the long-term right of the donor to be anonymous for whatever reason including the right to protected from demands of parental support.
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Sperm donor liable for child support, judge rules Posted: 4 years ago by LCH13
A New York man who said he donated sperm to a female co-worker as a friendly gesture and sent presents and cards to the child over the years likely will owe child support for the college-bound teenager, according to a judge's ruling.
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Sperm donor to father own grandchild Posted: 4 years ago by mitzuzake
A 72-year-old man will become the genetic father of his own grandchild after agreeing to donate sperm to his daughter-in-law in London to allow her to conceive, according to the Evening Standard.
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British Sperm Banks Running Low Posted: 5 years ago by musicgirldani
Ever since they took away donor anonymity in April, the sperm banks in Britain are running low. Now, when a child turns 18 they can find out who their donor was.
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Sperm bank denies 'helping hand' rumor Posted: 3 years ago by kakana
Shanghai Sperm Bank has been forced to issue a statement on its Website to clarify its procedures, after explicit photos circulated on the Internet, claiming to show female nurses helping men to "donate" at the sperm bank.
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Economy Causes Spike In Sperm, Egg Donor Applicants Posted: 3 years ago by dollyllama
Doctors believe a tough economy may be boosting business at sperm banks and egg donation centers as Coloradans search for unusual ways to make extra money.

*not an exciting thumbnail but no-way was I googling "sperm donor"
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Wife discovers she's allergic to her husband's sperm on her honeymoon Posted: 2 years ago by 2manyusernames
Prior to being married they always used protection. After getting married Juie Boyde found that she was severely allergic to her husband, Mike's sperm. Contact with his sperm would cause a burning sensation and even blisters. Women, this is why making your man grilled cheese sandwiches early in the relationship is so important.
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Would-be parents advised to have sex daily to improve sperm quality Posted: 2 years ago by AutumnLotus
Daily sex can improve the genetic quality of a man’s sperm and could enhance his chances of fathering a child, new research has suggested.
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Panda born from frozen sperm in China Posted: 2 years ago by AutumnLotus
China announced the first successful birth of a panda cub from artificial insemination using frozen sperm, giving a new option for the famously unfertile endangered species, officials said today.
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Parents Denied Right to Dead Son's Sperm Posted: 3 years ago by suebe
A couple's desire to use their deceased son's sperm to produce a grandchild was shot down by a NY state appeals court.
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Man Sues When Wrong Woman Gets His Sperm Posted: 5 years ago by mrnelson
Why is it again that men are reluctant to donate sperm?
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Donor pays man's $1,200 runny toilet tab Posted: 4 years ago by punthe
An anonymous donor paid $790 and the Colorado Springs Utilities forgave the remainder of a nearly $1,200 water tab billed to a man whose toilet malfunctioned while he was away for two months.
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Sperm sale, Sperm sale, Get your red hot sperm Posted: 3 years ago by Bornbad
In a move unprecedented in its history, Xytex, one of the oldest sperm and tissue banks in the U.S., is offering a steep discount on sperm: up to $200 off, for a net price of between $250 and $350 per vial.
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Sperm bank sued under product liability law Posted: 3 years ago by 2manyusernames
13-year old Brittany Donovan was born with a birth defect. Her mother had utilized the services of a sperm bank. Because test prove the birth defect was inherited from the father, she is suing the bank under product liability laws much as you would if you purchased a defective television or brakes.
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Mother wins right to dead son's sperm Posted: 3 years ago by iamamaniac
A judge has granted a mother's request to have someone harvest sperm from her dead son's body, so he can have children.
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Antioxidants Boost Sperm Quality Posted: 2 years ago by AutumnLotus
You'd better eat your blueberries: Men who don't get enough antioxidants can have problems with infertility.

A study published online recently in the journal Fertility and Sterility discovered that men who ate antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables have better rates of sperm movement, ejaculate volume, and sperm concentration than those who ate diets heavy in meat and full-fat dairy foods.
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'Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring' Posted: 9 months ago by NoPantsMan
Every group has its share of crazies. Here is a rabbi talking about the evils of sterile couples using non-Jewish sperm. He also attacks single moms as he feels that 'Kids born to single moms become criminals'
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Aborted foetus could provide eggs Posted: 5 years ago by digitalgimpling
"An aborted foetus could one day become the mother of a new baby by "donating" her eggs to an infertile woman, say researchers.

"The highly controversial idea has been suggested as one solution to a worldwide shortage of women prepared to donate their eggs to help other women become pregnant."

They never asked me. They can have ALL my eggs, if they want.
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Why Am I Dark Daddy? Posted: 2 years ago by Doggylives
Not only was Michael conceived via IVF using donor sperm, but there was a terrible mix-up when the wrong sperm was mistakenly used by the hospital fertility clinic the couple attended in their hope of becoming parents.
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Recession Spurs Egg and Sperm Donations Posted: 3 years ago by suebe
Charitable donations may be down because of the recession, but another type of donation is up for the very same reason: egg and sperm.
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Soy foods 'reduce sperm numbers' Posted: 3 years ago by deEPCHIll
A regular diet of even modest amounts of food containing soy may halve sperm concentrations.

*reconsiders that next glass of silk*
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