I am 24 years old. An Orthodox Jew. Married for a year and still a virgin. This is my story. Posted: 5 months ago by Bornbad
When you're partners in an unconsummated marriage, there's a lot of anger.
You find yourself saying things you would never say under normal circumstances.
*posted by Sad Jewish Girl*
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Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed "Justice League" with with "40 Year Old Virgin?" Posted: 4 years ago by ReBoot
Click here, and your mind will finally be at rest. (NSFW, Language)
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18-year old gets 8 years for graffitti - sentence later reduced to 2 years Posted: 2 years ago by 2manyusernames
Sebastian Perez is 18. He is a serial tagger. He has vandalized dozens of home. This is a fact. One judge was highly pissed off and sentenced him to 8 years. 8 solid years in hard time for spray painting. The sentence was reduced to 2 years because Texas law didn't allow for the 8 year sentence.
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Court Annuls Marriage Because Wife Wasn't a Virgin Posted: 3 years ago by doggylives
The bride said she was a virgin. When her new husband discovered that was a lie, he went to court to annul the marriage — and a French judge agreed.
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How I became a divorced virgin Posted: 2 years ago by lynxears
I was twenty-nine, single again after a five-year marriage, and a virgin. When I met my now ex-husband Mike, I had just turned 21. We met at small Catholic liberal arts college, and even though I no longer believed in Jesus, the Saints, the Bible, God, really any of that. I was a virgin then, and I was a virgin when we divorced.

*NSFW if your boss reads over your shoulder. Safe images*
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19-year-old to graduate college after year Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
A 19-year-old suburban Detroit resident is on track to graduate from The University of Michigan after just a year of study.
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The 49 Year Old Virgin Posted: 2 years ago by bornbad
We haven't made love in 9 years. 9 years. We haven't made love. Or f**ked, or boinked, or screwed, or bumped uglies (I hate that one), or schtupped, or covered each other's bodies in
hershey's syrup and licked our initials into each other, or had any real romantic connection at all. I understand why. She knows. She tries to get interested. She loves me, and I love her, but it's
not romantic love, it's more like brother-sister love (not that kind, pervert), or good friends love.
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50 years for a crime that never was Posted: 3 years ago by Moe
He went to an asylum for the criminally insane and spent 50 years there. There was just one problem. His father, whom he was thought to have killed, was still alive.
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2008: A year in15 minute celebrities Posted: 3 years ago by Bornbad
Some people measure years in music or photos, but we like to measure the year in the little blips on the radar that are 15-minute celebrities.
*how about Edward Smith*
Briefly famous for: Admitting to having sex with over 1000 cars.
<---or Joe the plumber
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Map of Virgin's shrine offers pilgrims sex ads Posted: 4 years ago by AutumnLotus
Pilgrims to a holy shrine in Portugal are being given free maps of the site that show the Virgin Mary on one side and adverts for sex aids and aphrodisiacs on the other.
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Guess What Was Found Under A Ping-Pong Table... Posted: 5 years ago by musicgirldani
University of Alberta faculty member Michael Caldwell is talking about the fossils that were found under a ping-pong table after 25 years. One of which was pregnant.
"It was pretty amazing to realize this valuable discovery had sat under a pingpong table for 25 years," Caldwell said. "But I suppose that after 100 million years in the dirt, it's all relative."
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Pensioner's seven year jigsaw battle 'ends with one piece missing' Posted: 1 year ago by Bornbad
A pensioner, Jack Harris, who spent seven-and-a-half years working on a 5000-part jigsaw finally completed the puzzle only to find there was one piece missing.

*look at the poor devil*
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Ancient humans left evidence from the party that ended 4,000 years ago Posted: 2 years ago by AutumnLotus
The party was over more than 4,000 years ago, but the remnants still remain in the gourds and squashes that served as dishware. For the first time, University of Missouri researchers have studied the residues from gourds and squash artifacts that date back to 2200 B.C. and recovered starch grains from manioc, potato, chili pepper, arrowroot and algarrobo.
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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Posted: 3 years ago by Bornbad
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?
– Brothers Grimm, “Snow White”
We are at a crossroads. It is the beginning of a new administration and the end of an old one. There are those who would like to forget the last eight years. It’s the magic-slate idea. As if you could lift up an acetate window and those eight years would suddenly vanish.
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Pensioner drinks nothing but Coke for 40 years in promise to mother Posted: 3 years ago by AutumnLotus
A Croatian man claims he has drunk nothing but Coca-Cola for the past 40 years – because he promised his mother he would not touch alcohol.
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Supernova occurred 11 billion years ago Posted: 2 years ago by Bingo
Astronomers say they have found the farthest supernova ever detected, a giant star that ripped apart around 11 billion years ago.
A new technique enabled the cosmologists to make the find, which should help advance knowledge into these rare phenomena and their role in generating other stars
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Crucial Advice for Surviving the First Years (both you AND the baby) Posted: 5 years ago by gnikgnok
Amusing article, although the page is wayyy too busy. I'm pretty sure witty Plimates could add more to the list.
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Couple marry 50 years after getting engaged Posted: 2 years ago by AutumnLotus
A couple have married more than 50 years after getting engaged as childhood sweethearts.
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Closure, after all these years, for Bill Hicks Posted: 3 years ago by Bornbad
Here is how long it's been since David Letterman and his then-producer, Robert Morton, decided to cut Bill Hicks' controversial monologue out of a "Late Show" broadcast -- in one of the very first editions of Late Show News that I wrote, 15 years ago. For all practical purposes, what Dave will be showing America on Friday night is something America has never seen: the routine that he, Dave Letterman, kept off his show 15-1/2 years ago.
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