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 Remember Jeff Davis?
Remember Jeff Davis?
It hasn't been easy getting people excited about celebrating the 200th birthday of that tall, gaunt, bearded, Kentucky-bred president who was born in a log cabin and went on to lead his people through a bloody civil war.

No, not Abraham Lincoln. It's that other tall, log cabin-born Kentuckian, Jefferson Davis, whose 200th has turned out to be something of a lost cause. picked by 2manyusernames 4 years ago
tags civil confederacy confederate south southern states
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4 years ago
It was another time and place...a country divided. But, still an important part of this country's history. Thank you for posting this.
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4 years ago
The Civil War was a sad time in our history, and frankly, I've read to much to every consider it black and white, in any way (no pun intended, really).
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4 years ago
In war, the winner write the history books.

But down with slavery, and all that.
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