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 Sperm donor liable for child support, judge rules
Sperm donor liable for child support, judge rules
A New York man who said he donated sperm to a female co-worker as a friendly gesture and sent presents and cards to the child over the years likely will owe child support for the college-bound teenager, according to a judge's ruling. picked by LCH13 4 years ago
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4 years ago
This is so freaking wrong....WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

If the results would have a traumatic effect well, that's freaking life. He's 18 now, that's a lesson he could learn, life ain't fair and it's full of twists and turns. Maybe it WON'T have a traumatic effect, maybe the kid would be relieved in some sense, who knows?

And saying that sending cards and making phone calls is paternalistic is the STUPIDEST reason ever to make someone pay child support. I get cards and phone calls all the time from people, should they have been forced to support me because sending a freaking Hallmark is paternalistic?

I'm writing a letter to these judges, this is an outrage.
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4 years ago
Dumb ass. When a woman at work asks for your sperm to make a baby just walk away.
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4 years ago
It is f'd up, but the man always gets the raw end when it comes to child suppt cases.

A woman can tell some guy that he is the father without disclosing that there have been other men she has slept with. She can fraudulently lead him to believe that he is the father.

If he doesn't contest the fact, because he assumes she is faithful, he will have to pay child support even if later on it is discovered that she lied and that he isn't the father.

The courts also could give a flying f how the child support affects the father (or the accused father). Child support is based on one's gross income. It doesn't matter what your expenses are, it doesn't matter what you need to support your other children, including children living with you.

The problem here, is that he placed his name on the birth certificate (very dumb)

He sent cards and gifts as the father. He didn't send them as a friend, he sent them as "Dad".

This makes it different. It is still f'd up, but the man brought it on himself.

If you donate sperm do it and walk away. Do not participate in the child's upbringing.
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4 years ago
can everyone say gold digger?
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
It would be interesting to know if it works in reverse too!..if the child came across a financial windfall, inheritance or something, would the mom share it with the father?
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4 years ago
« pulsisx : Dumb ass. When a woman at work asks for your sperm to make a baby just walk away.
I agree with this person, Holy Shiat whats the World coming too!!
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4 years ago
This proves, once again, that doing ANYTHING nice for anyone at anytime is a bad idea, unless you have a signed and notarized document giving you some sort of liability waiver.

I can't wait until some fireman saves an old lady's cat from a tree and she sues him because the cat is now afraid of heights...
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